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Meet the New VxWorks

Empowering embedded engineers to INNOVATE


VxWorks®, the world’s leading real-time operating system, has ensured the security, safety, and deterministic performance of embedded applications for more than 30 years. As the industry rapidly evolves, there is an urgent demand for a new approach, one that will enable developers of all backgrounds to use the tools and programming languages they are most comfortable with to build the applications of tomorrow.

Gone are the days when embedded development was an esoteric discipline and embedded developers a special class of software engineer. Leveraging LLVM as a tools foundation, today VxWorks empowers a new generation of developers to use popular programming languages and mainstream libraries (C++17, Python, Rust, and Boost) and popular cloud-based development tools and infrastructures to create a new era of secure, safe, and highly reliable applications.

Welcome to the new world of VxWorks, for innovating at the edge.

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