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The Internet of Things is a system-of-systems. Efficiency and security are paramount as information about the physical environment moves from the edge to the enterprise.

“The combination of Wind River, Intel, and McAfee is allowing us to provide solutions to our customers today that we weren’t capable of providing in the past.”

Kevin Facinelli, Executive Vice President of Operations, Daikin Applied


This is where IoT data travels, moving from the physical world to enterprise IT systems and cloud infrastructures that examine the data and put it to use. Many IoT networks connect critical systems that require the utmost in reliability and performance for supporting real-time operations.


This is where IoT data comes together. Gateways translate, consolidate, and organize information from disparate and proprietary sensor and device networks, preparing them for transportation over IoT’s core Internet backbone.


This is where businesses make sense of IoT data. Clouds harbor the big data management and analytics capabilities necessary for putting IoT data to work, either automating control and management operations or providing new operational insights.


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