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Celebrating 20 years in Space

Celebrating 20 Years in Space

For over 20 years, Wind River® has provided NASA with the most proven software platform to power some of the most significant space missions in history.

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Wind River, HP Tap Cloud Program to Further NFV Development
RCR Wireless

Industry giant HP has joined Wind River Titanium Cloud, the Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) partner program designed to ensure the availability of interoperable hardware and software solutions for telecom equipment vendors deploying products based on NFV. Current partners include Brocade, GENBAND, Kontron, Metaswitch Networks, Nakina Systems, and Overture.
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New Electronics roundtable: The importance of making all parts of the security chain equally strong
New Electronics

With the advent of the Internet of Things (IoT) and the expectation that billions of devices will be "talking" to each other in the near future, three words are finding increased usage: security, trust, and authentication. Wind River weighs in as part of this article roundtable.
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Linux and Android Q&A with Wind River
EE Catalog

Wind River covers Linux and Android topics ranging from automotive IVI to wearables to writing for multi-core processors.
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Industry Profiles for VxWorks RTOS, from Wind River
EDN Europe

Industry-specific profiles for the latest version of the VxWorks® real-time operating system (RTOS) add capabilities that help customers meet industry and technology requirements needed to address the new market opportunities created by IoT. The profiles include features and enhancements relevant to safety, security, connectivity, manageability, user interface, and graphics.
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Wind River Technology Powers Airbus Group's Innovative Unmanned Aerial Vehicle ATLANTE

Airbus Defence and Space is relying on Wind River VxWorks 653 Platform for its long endurance tactical unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) "ATLANTE." ATLANTE is considered the most important technological and industrial initiative in the Spanish UAV sector.
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Richard Kephart
Director, Research and Technology

Emerson Process Management

To address key challenges around cost-effective computing power at the embedded level and security, Emerson Power & Water Solutions turned to Wind River.
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What's the Real Cost of Network Downtime?
Light Reading

Wind River looks at some numbers that unequivocally tell us the real question is not "Can you afford to implement carrier grade reliability?" but rather "How could you possibly afford not to?"
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The Internet of Things and Manufacturing: How to Stay Competitive in a Rapidly Changing Market
Wind River Blog Network

Wind River discusses how manufacturers should think of IoT not merely in terms of technology, but also in terms of the business case.
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Predictive Maintenance and Adaptive Analytics Raise IoT Value
IoT@Intel blog

Wind River discusses how the predictive maintenance and adaptive analytics capabilities of the Internet of Things (IoT) can bring significant value for businesses.
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Wind River joins Car Connectivity Consortium
Wind River Blog Network

Wind River is now a member of the Car Connectivity Consortium (CCC), an organization driving innovation for phone-centric car connectivity solutions. The CCC is dedicated to global cross-industry collaboration in developing the MirrorLink standard for smartphone in-vehicle connectivity.
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Wireless Network Virtualization: Ensuring Carrier Grade Availability

Given its periodic underutilization and relatively high downtime, one area that is ripe for the improvements NFV can bring is the E-UTRAN Node B (eNB). Applying NFV to virtualize the eNB control plane and data plane functions into Cloud-RAN (C-RAN) results in a consolidation of functions, which leads to higher equipment utilization and lower maintenance costs.
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October 9: From an RTOS to an Operating Environment: Enabling Innovation and Differentiation in Embedded Industrial Devices
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October 21: Enabling Embedded Security for the Internet of Things
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