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Wind River Customers


"With Wind River, we were able to take a really difficult situation and turn it completely around. I was shocked and impressed at how quickly they were able to perform the work we needed to move our project forward. Wind River was a lifesaver."

—Matt Clark, Vice President of Software Development and Technical Support, CareView

Wind River Helps CareView Get Its Video Monitoring Technology Back on Track

The CareView System is a secure, real-time video monitoring system that enables nurses to observe patients from a remote location. It provides a HIPPA-compliant, patient-approved video record of the patient's treatment. Patients can even use it to surf the web, watch movies, and video chat with friends and family. While designing a new version of the platform that runs the system, CareView hit a major stumbling block trying to get the video encoding processor, graphics drivers, and operating system to work together. Scrapping the project and starting over would have meant loss of a substantial investment and unacceptable delivery delays.

Solutions used by CareView

Wind River Professional Services

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Customer Success Story

“Wind River was a lifesaver.”

After a six-month engagement with a technical consultant led nowhere, CareView called in Wind River® Professional Services. Within 24 hours, the Wind River team produced a solution, and within two days had the system successfully encoding video for archiving. Over the next two weeks, Wind River worked closely with the CareView team to address other issues and find ways to accelerate the project. With Wind River Professional Services, CareView was able to get a business-critical project back on track in record time.