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Mavenir Systems, Inc.

Powering more than 2 billion connections every day, Mitel helps businesses connect, collaborate and take care of their customers. With over 2,500 channel partners and regional headquarters around the globe, Mitel has a global reach, but also a local touch.

Mitel is a leading provider of business communication tools, enabling you to stay connected to your customers, prospects, and employees anytime, anyplace.

In the office, at home, or on the go, Mitel enterprise mobility solutions help workers in organizations of all kinds to be innovative and productive.

Mitel Collaborates with Wind River to Accelerate Deployment of NFV Solutions

Mitel is leading the industry in the deployment of virtualized solutions for mobile network operators worldwide. Mitel has now introduced its disruptive solutions into the NFV ecosystem. The
Mitel NFV suite offers an all-inclusive package of solutions that are easy to deploy and manage, laying the foundation for network slicing and future 5G networks. With its stable and proven platform, the Titanium Cloud ecosystem brings strength to the packaged end-to-end offerings, and the Wind River Accelerated vSwitch caters to the high-performance data plane requirements of Mitel's NFV solutions.

  • Software-only architecture
  • ETSI NFV support on multiple platforms including Titanium Server
  • Industry-leading feature set
  • Deployment options of ATCA and virtualized
  • Centralized provisioning with configuration management system
  • Extensive interoperability experience with multiple vendors
  • Wide set of interface support including legacy GSM interfaces
  • Feature parity with legacy 2G/3G networks
  • Service broker for service chaining (SCC, MMTel, IM-SSF), reduced ISC signaling, simplified iFC

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Mavenir Systems, Inc.
1700 International Parkway, #200, Richardson, TX, United States, 75081
(469) 916-4393

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